Solid Series

The next generation of drink dispensing

solid series tower

This tower is a fusion of the most modern technology and perfect design. The solidTower can be used universally as a 6, 8 or 10 way variant.

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solid series postmix

The smart postmix solution for your business! This tower can be configured exactly to your needs. The Flowmatic tap supports up to 3 valves

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solid series beer

The solidBeer tower is an elegant solution for your beer dispenser. Its design makes it the perfect complement to other solid series products.

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solid series premix

The premix-dispenser dressed in the elegant solid series design. Whether soda, white wine or orange juice, you can convey up to three ready-to-drink beverages using this compact solution.

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solid series p8

The p8 tower represents the new generation of the beverage dispenser. The portioning of the beverages is controlled by pumps which, in combination with the soda/water valves, guarantee optimum mixing.

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solid series v10

As its name suggests, the V10 has plenty of power in it. We have built 10 valves into this slim tower with dimensional accuracy, which means that, in addition to water and soda, you can also pour out the complete standard flavour via this system.

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